Rulers of Anuire

All domains without a player are controlled by the DM. All game e-mail communications must be CCed to the DM. Domains marked as "Available" are freely available for new players. Domains marked as "DM-controlled" will not be given to players for any reason (so don't even ask). Domains marked "Not Available" are also not given to players, but may become available later in the game.

When sending game-related e-mail, I recommend that you use the [AOS] tag, to help people sort their mail.

Realm Regent Player Contacts
Imperial City of Anuire Morgan Dosiere DM-controlled  
Aerenwe Guy Aeren Patrick Schoettmer  
Alamie Taene Alam Adam Saxon  
Avanil Arlen Avan Carlos de la Cruz Morales  
Baruk-Azhik Amarach Stoneforge DarkScream  
Boeruine Anuvier Boeruine Chris Linebarger  
Brosengae & Brosen Royal Guild Vander Mierelen Tim Miller  
Cariele & Stonecrown Coster Elaelia Stonebrew Russell Jones  
Coeranys Laera Cariele Joran Lindblom  
Curennean Marches Vivianna Romanones Porphyrogenitus  
Dhoesone Stenerik Dhoesone Not Available  
Diemed Vandiel Diem Mark Labenski  
Elinie Arvuor Mutamin Arturo Harvage Martin Brown  
Endier & Heartlands Outfitters Geodric Heinbarich Adam Baiton  
Ghoere Garrick Bhalaene Richard Pateman  
Ilien & Port of Call Exchange Essafah el-Hadid Desh Veitang  
Markazor Nihlathak Markaz Available  
Mhoried Thendiere III Mhoried Bryon Switala  
Mieres & Straits of Aerele Shipping Isabel of Mieres Antonio Lopez Mercader  
Mur-Kilad Nouln Greybeard Giovanni Garzelli  
Osoerde Sebastian Moergen Not Available  
Roesone Maecaela Roesone Josh Smith  
Sielwode Isaelie DM-controlled  
Taeghas Revan ker Therma Chris Seiberling  
Talinie & Northern Imperial Temple of Haelyn Gaerin Bedrydant Adam Bousum  
Thurazor Kraz'skar Graecher Joseph Arnaud  
Tuarhievel Fhileraene? DM-controlled  
Tuornen Creichtan Flaertes Not Available  
Gorgon's Crown The Gorgon? DM-controlled  
Temple Regent Player Contacts
Approved Temple of Markazor Fumgrot Swampcrawler Not Available  
Celestial Jewel of Sarimie Aloene Caelier Not Available  
Eastern Temple of Nesirie Ania Torelsen Not Available  
Eloele of Mieres Karla Dhalien Andrew Kerr  
Goblins' Triumph Gotrog Redtooth Not Available  
Haelyn's Aegis Ruoren Agenor Not Available  
Hidden Temple of Cuiraecen Toriel Camaere Not Available  
Impregnable Heart of Haelyn Talven Sanariene Not Available  
Life and Protection of Avanalae Irwe Friele Not Available  
Militant Order of Cuiraecen Aedin Belien Not Available  
Moradin's Forge Thurgund Iron-eyes Not Available  
Northern Reformed Church of Sarimie Aliele of Caerlinien Not Available  
Oaken Grove of Aeric Vaer the Green Not Available  
Orthodox Imperial Temple of Haelyn Torean Briesen Marco Fossati  
Peaceful Seas of Nesirie Luther Brakis Calathas  
Temple of the Great Horde Unknown DM-controlled  
Waters' Blessing Briene of the Waves Not Available  
Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn Primus Nichaleir Rich Epp  
Guild Regent Player Contacts
Boeruine Trading Guild Arcen Borthein Not Available  
Highland/Overland Traders Faelen Hiriele Not Available  
Maesil Shippers Riele Lannaman Not Available  
Points East Trading Guild Antor Lamier Not Available  
Prince's Pride Gael Iniere Not Available  
Royal Guild of Baruk-Azhik Dreldin Goldfinger Not Available  
Spider River Traders Ranoele Ghoried Not Available  
Upper Anuire Traders Aderin Thuried Not Available  
Wizard Regent Player Contacts
High Mage of the Erebannien Caelomar Not Available  
Rhuobhe Manslayer Rhuobhe Manslayer DM-controlled  
Swamp Mage (Wizard of Osoerde) Malagaster Not Available  
Sword Mage (Wizard of Ghoere) Sword Mage Not Available  
Wizard of Avanil Demeron Aelien Not Available  
Wizard of Boeruine Tendar Dhoennen Not Available  
Wizard of Curennea Elzabein Sendoar Benjamin Loebick  
Wizard of Dhoesone Vagmar Skorrisson Not Available  
Wizard of Diemed Saebra Maernil Not Available  
Wizard of Endier Volend Spiderbane Not Available  
Wizard of Mhoried Moeric Goblin-burner Not Available  
Wizard of Mieres Nimue Gaxx  
Wizard of Talinie Duvric Abbenier Not Available  

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